Train the next generation of
healthcare transformers

Our mission is to train the next generation of healthcare transformers. The UCLA BIODESIGN ecosystem provides advanced degree candidates, medical residents, and early stage career professionals with a platform to innovate and iterate at one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers.



Meaningful clinical needs from clinical & industry partners

  • Diagnostics

  • Digital health

  • Med devices


Clinical immersion to validate problem statements

  • Needs filtering

  • Clinical validation

  • Market validation


Opportunity refinement and interdisciplinary team formation

  • Design thinking tools

  • Concept generation

  • Industry guidance


Iterative design-build-test phase based on final concept

  • Rapid physical and wireframe prototyping

  • Intellectual property generation


Enter pilot-ready ecosystem for early stage incubation

  • Business model development

  • Industry collaboration

  • Trainee graduation

Interdisciplinary Approach

The interdiscplinary approach partners university resources across medicine, engineering and business with industry partners to narrow the gap between practicum and practice in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Value Proposition

Thought Leadership

Recognition as leading partner in genesis of Southern California early stage ecosystem

Proof of concept platform to deploy and test new business models

Access to clinical KOLs across multiple therapeutic areas

Ecosystem Impact

Establish emerging hub for early-stage activity with academic clinical partners in Los Angeles

Narrow gap between practice and practicum

Join other industry leaders in mission to accelerate technology and training

Intellectual Property

Responsive framework for addressing unmet industry needs

Ability to drive strategic direction of early stage development

Robust pipeline of intellectual property creation

Talent Generation

Funnel for best-in-class healthcare talent

Emergence of multi-disciplinary talent pool across engineering, business, and life sciences

Natively collaborative skillsets with domain expertise  across functions