Meet our fellows


Glen Meyerowitz

Glen Meyerowitz is a former test engineer at SpaceX, where he spent five years working on a number of large scale projects for testing rocket and spacecraft systems and subsystems. Glen has experience working through every phase of a project lifecycle including initial requirements gathering, feasibility studies, full system design, purchasing and procurement, project management, manufacturing, contractor management, installation, and activation. Following SpaceX, he was an engineer at leading autonomous vehicle company, TuSimple, where he developed testing and safety protocols for self-driving trucks. Glen is the founder of QuantumAir, a company developing a low-cost mechanical ventilator for use in resource-constrained settings around the world. He has a BS in physics from Yale University, where he was the founding president of the Heart of Texas Professional Chapter of Engineers Without Borders. Glen is currently pursuing an MS degree in electrical and computer engineering at UCLA.