UCLA Biodesign is pioneering healthcare innovation.  Uniting stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem, UCLA Biodesign seeks to transform medicine through the development of novel technologies.  Education and training are central to UCLA Biodesign’s mission. UCLA Biodesign works with industry partners and the medical community to advance solutions that deliver improved value and outcomes to patients worldwide.

The UCLA Biodesign Fellowship is an exciting year-long entrepreneurial opportunity at a world-class health organization.  UCLA Biodesign utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to assemble a team of fellows that tackle some of today’s most challenging clinical needs.  Development opportunities are aimed at transformative technologies – from advanced devices to sophisticated digital therapeutics.


Meaningful clinical needs from clinical & industry partners


Clinical immersion to validate problem statements


Opportunity refinement and interdisciplinary team formation


Iterative design-build-test phase based on final concept


Enter pilot-ready ecosystem for early stage incubation

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Seeking experienced industry innovators from design, engineering, medicine and business development

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