MGMT275 Healthcare Technology

A 2 unit graduate course offering at the UCLA Anderson School of Management that addresses technologies and platforms poised to disrupt the healthcare industry. Disruptive innovations within the curriculum of this course encompass those which have the potential to fundamentally alter the delivery of healthcare through improved patient value, increased cost savings or changes in the practice of medicine.  Topics covered include digital health, consumer healthcare, personalized medicine and diagnostics, genomics and next generation sequencing, wireless sensing and remote monitoring, virtual and augmented reality, telemedicine, mobile health platforms, electronic medical records, and big data.  The course will also include guest speakers from leading industry manufacturers, integrated health systems, and payers, as well as entrepreneurs and founders from the start-up ecosystem and interactive technology sessions.

The class is designed for MBA students as well as other graduate level students who are interested in healthcare or one of the many technology industries driving the transformation of health care.  While previous training or experience in health care or technology is not required, students should feel comfortable reading about and discussing the technologies presented as they pertain to the health care industry.

The objectives of this course are:

(1)to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the current and future role of disruptive technology in the context of the evolving health care landscape;

(2)  to develop an understanding of how different technologies will affect the key stakeholders in health care – patients, physicians, providers, payers, and the pharmaceutical/medical product industries; and

(3)   to identify leadership and business strategy challenges surrounding the implementation and utilization of technology in the health care industry as well as the business models and profitization strategies for commercialization.

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