Meet our fellows


Wesley Jones, MS

Wesley Jones is a medical device consultant and professional with nine years of experience in the medtech industry, with a focus on the cardiovascular and electrophysiology sectors. Throughout his career, Wesley has engineered and managed the design, production, and quality assurance for mapping and ablation systems to treat heart arrhythmias. Prior to UCLA Biodesign, Wesley was a design program manager at Acutus Medical, where he led the team to dramatically improve the way physicians look at atrial fibrillation with the first global, real-time, mapping system, resulting in a 4x reduction in the average number of ablation surgeries. In his role, Wesley also ensured regulatory compliance and successfully earned six FDA clearances for software, hardware and catheter accessory devices. Wesley also developed and patented a novel method of using ultrasound, magnetics and impedance to virtually and accurately navigate ablation catheters to the target tissue. As a manufacturing engineer and a lean six sigma specialist at Medtronic, Wesley maintained production quality and yield through process development and control of inherently challenging manual processes. He received his MS in medical device engineering from UC San Diego and BS in mechanical engineering from UC Riverside. Wesley is currently working toward an MBA at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.