Response to COVID-19

UCLA Biodesign innovators pivot to confront COVID-19 and future threats head-on

 The recent graduation of our first class of UCLA Biodesign Fellows in June marked an inaugural milestone for the program in celebration of the outstanding achievements of 10 Fellows and a team of four MBA graduates over the past academic year. Selected for being top in their field, these innovators were tasked with developing the technologies that would advance and transform healthcare.

As if this was not difficult enough, a few months into the training program, the Fellows were faced with a challenge that no one expected – having to complete their Fellowships amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, some were prompted to redirect their focus to addressing the critical needs emerging in the global healthcare industry, resulting in several rapid innovations that had have direct impacts on patient care and received world-wide media attention.

Now, with the number of COVID-19 cases continuing to rise and the pandemic far from contained, it is critical that a unified and comprehensive approach be taken to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.  To that end, the 2021 UCLA Biodesign Program will focus on developing the transformative innovations in infectious disease and pulmonary critical care in response to this global healthcare crisis.

This year’s UCLA Biodesign Fellows have already laid the foundation for this important work that the incoming class of 2021 Fellows will continue to build upon. Highlights of the contribution the UCLA Biodesign Fellows have already developed to date are summarized below.

We are proud of what our first-year Fellows have accomplished and look forward to the work the second class of UCLA Biodesign Fellows will do in the year ahead as they partner with industry to help end the COVID-19 pandemic.  Interested applicants can learn more by clicking here.

UCLA Biodesign Co-Executive Directors 

Desert & Jennifer